Jake J And The Killjoys

Originally The Jake Johnson Band, Jake J and the Killjoys deliver fresh blood rock n roll attitude with a louder than life new sound. Influenced by mentors such as Alice Cooper, Doug Aldrich, Richie Sambora, and famed bassist Hugh McDonald, Jake has developed a musical style with classic aggressive guitar tones, catchy choruses, and a fearless stage presence. Jake's towering 6' 7" frame makes for the perfect frontman ready to command an audience of any size.

Signed "Jake J and the Killjoys" CD

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Online Cover.png

Signed "Jake J and the Killjoys" CD


Signed by Jake Johnson! Comes with guitar picks, download card, and wristband! Printed in the USA, recorded at Rigby Road Studios in Salt Lake City, written by Jake Johnson and Joel Pack.

Track Listing:

  1. Beautiful Hell

  2. What's Stopping Me

  3. I Will Go (featuring Doug Aldrich)

  4. Start Runnin'

  5. Whiskey

  6. Fly Away

  7. In My Arms

  8. Getting Older

  9. Drive Me Crazy

  10. Sin City

  11. Where Did I Go Wrong

  12. Shake All Night

  13. Right Now

  14. Free

  15. Road Lovin' Gypsy (featuring Richie Sambora)

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